Our newest leaf leather collection is made from Banana leaves.  They're handcrafted in Thailand by smoking and preserving banana leaves, then connecting with fabric and fusing a thin waterproof layer on the outside for durability.

Cool Bananas

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Cool Bananas  is a big, bold, bag of leaves.

She is sturdy yet super light weight.


Large open inner

Inner zip pocket

Top zips to close bag


  • The leaves are used from leftover banana harvesting 
  • Next they are sun dried 
  • Then soaked in water overnight and heat smoked to make the leaves nice and flexible. This process helps high light color saturation
  • Now the leaves are arranged in larger sheets and sun dried again to mend the leaves
  • Finally, they are binded with fabric on the backside and reinforced with a thin laminate outer layer to make them strong and water resistant.